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SmartScan 2 is a software allowing you to scan records quickly and efficiently. It provides scanning to different ends like e-mail or folder and will let you change scan distances such as the color form or file setup with a push of a key.SmartScan  oracle turns your MFP into fax that unites to your company’s fax server – it does not need an expensive network card or its fax order. As it accesses your company’s hotel book, it simplifies and accelerates the faxing process. If you only need the fax application out the scanning module, you may use our special SmartFax software that attempts fax associated functionalities. In appreciation to our security consultancy set, we also produce bespoke machine security discipline and CE marking services for devices, including Declaration of Conformity and CE Rating Technical File per the Machinery and other associated Directives. SmartScan avast is an ultra-compact and robust interrogator for dynamic measurement of FBG sensors. This WDM method is based on an intense, tunable laser source that allows high-resolution cross-examination at multi kHz rates.

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The high-frequency scan rates provide over-sampling and equating to give a divine purpose. Data can be copied to an Ethernet or different mechanical bus interface or saved to a connected USB device. The white light scanner guarantees an efficient and affordable measuring performance, e.g., for applications in quality control, reverse design, and rapid prototyping. Dressed as five or eight-megapixel digital camera version, the AICON SmartScan filter provides the best settings required for maximum degree of detail in the scanning process. To meet individual customer specifications, various custom configurations are possible. Depending on the scanner design, measurement fields from 60 mm up to 1,550 mm can be captured by changing the camera cameras and the base length. Operation distance ranges from 340 mm to 1,500 mm, according to the style. The area size of the AICON SmartScan download varies from a few millimeters to around one meter. In succession with a photogrammetry system, even considerably larger things can be defeated hair to the minutest part.

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SmartScan Features:

• Low volume and high speed in scanning documents
• Automatically detect borders of scanned documents
• OCR technology to extract texts in images
• Improving the quality of images in the digital document storage phase
• Naming documents with professional search capabilities
• Share your pdf documents with your friends on social networks
• Back up all records with the ability to recover them
• And many more.

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